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Slipcovers in Winter Weather

November 26th, 2014 | Posted by JoshH in Fabric | Slipcovers - (0 Comments)

sofaUsually, winter weather isn’t a problem for furniture and accessories displayed inside the home. While snow, rain, and winter storms can cause damage to exterior features and furniture used in outdoor spaces, indoor items are typically safe even during the coldest months. Still, it’s worth considering how changing seasons might affect indoor furniture in more subtle and unexpected ways. Some delicate furniture can be sensitive to shifts in temperature. Other items might simply be located in prime spots to bear the brunt of any snow or mud tracked in on boots, cold weather gear, or other clothing. In both cases, protecting furniture can mean the difference between a season of enjoyable use and early repairs or replacement. Slipcovers are a smart, cost-effective way to get the most value possible from any furniture item.

Beyond the physical protection they offer for furniture frames as well as cushions or mattresses, slipcovers have a high degree of aesthetic appeal. Customized to match a wide variety of patterns and styles, these accessories can highlight understated elements of a room’s decor or introduce completely new themes into an existing space. Savvy decorators can combine the visual potential of a new slipcover with the protective benefits to ensure success this winter in any interior space.

list_fabric_indexSlipcovers are a valuable investment and an exciting decor option in a lot of homes. They’re most often made to fit the most common and basic dimensions for furniture, so that they’re viable in the widest variety of settings. While this fits the bill for a majority of decorators, some designers need more specialized accessories in order to implement their unique visions for unusual furniture. Chairs, sofas, couches, and other furniture items with distinctive or rare construction can look amazing when paired with an appropriate accessory that provides a great fit, but in order to achieve this cohesive aesthetic, designers need slipcovers produced with their furniture in mind. specializes in creating the ideal slipcover solutions for a tremendous variety of furniture items. One of the most popular and unique styles we offer is specifically designed to protect and highlight the singular appeal of wingback chairs.

Wingback chairs see regular use as part of more elegant and sophisticated environments, as well as in settings where the comfort of guests is a priority. Many wingback chairs and similar furniture items are valuable and need protection from everyday wear and tear. Securing these items against damage is an important feature of furniture slipcovers that goes beyond visual appeal. has more insight and design resources available online, from a guide to measurements to a shipping coupon: stop by today for more information.

Welcome Guests with Seasonal Decor

November 21st, 2014 | Posted by JoshH in Furniture | Slipcovers - (0 Comments)

21918580_mThe holidays are a great chance for decorators to show off their imagination and talent. Projects abound during this time of frequent social gatherings, at-home celebrations, and distinctive visual themes. Seasonal decor gives professionals and enthusiasts alike the chance to work with a specific set of colors and patterns to create their own spin on the classics. No matter which holidays you choose to celebrate, the season offers you a chance to express yourself through your home to those loved ones you invite into the spaces you’ve created. You’ll find it’s easy to put your holiday spirit into your art when you have the right materials: everything you’ll need, from furniture slipcovers to fabric and more, is on sale now at

We’ve been waiting all year to share our inventory of holiday classics with our customers, and our experts are standing by to support the prime selection with dedicated customer service intended to meet our community’s needs. The right accessories can transform an ordinary celebration into something truly memorable and enhance the experience for everyone involved. Browse online or visit our shorwoom today and discover the joy you can share with those closest to you as you plan your holiday decorations this year:

Get Cozy with Ready Made Pillows

October 21st, 2014 | Posted by JoshH in Fabric | Slipcovers - (0 Comments)

furniture slipcoverWhen you’re decorating with furniture accessories, you have a wealth of options to help you customize any room to match your artistic vision. Beyond the furniture itself, you can choose from an amazing variety of furniture slipcovers in a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles. Owning a collection of slipcovers is like having a rotating selection of furniture that you can easily switch, store, and maintain: a budget-friendly and easily customized option in any situation. Another accessory that lets decorators express themselves and enhances the comfort of any furniture without requiring a major investment: ready made pillows. Sporting exciting designs and made from high-quality materials, pillows can make any furniture more inviting as well as enhance the appearance of a room every day.

One of the best ways to display pillows as part of a decorating plan is mixing and matching different types. You can select complementary colors that fit in a predetermined color scheme or create contrast by selecting patterns or styles that are significantly different from one another. Each pillow brings something new to the project and gives decorators a chance to explore new design space., the premier shop for furniture accessories online, has a full inventory of ready made pillows available for view: visit today to start getting cozy.

daybedThe right furniture is the foundation of any successful interior design project. Furniture is the best way to express what you love most about a room and set the tone for a comprehensive, overarching aesthetic. Still, even the best-chosen furniture from the most inspired designers can only go so far in making a room successful. That’s why accessories are a great investment when you’re starting out on a new project or putting the finishing touches on an existing design. With the right slipcovers, furniture covers, pillows, and more, you’ll be able to create a compelling and unified design to go along with any furniture you already own., the premier source for slipcovers and other decorating fabrics, stocks a full line of decor accessories, including pillows, covers for folding chairs, bed protectors, and more. These items are designed to complement the full selection of patterns and colors available through our online store. Accessories will let you put your own personal spin on the room in which you’re working, introducing elements that emphasize what you find important about your decor. Affordable, versatile, and easy to customize, accessories are worth considering for any designer or homeowner. Contact’s team of experts today for assistance with your accessories questions, or stop by online to view the inventory and get inspired.

Comfort and Style: Recliner Covers

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sofaFew furniture items are as beloved as favorite recliners. A recliner is a versatile piece that can be a relaxing oasis in any situation. While upright, a recliner is the perfect place to settle in and watch a movie or drift away with a new book. In its reclined position, a recliner is ideal for extended viewings or unexpected naps. A surprise nap is rare and precious, after all. Recliners often see regular use by many members of the family. Even pets have a particular fondness for these popular seats! That’s why it’s especially important to take care of recliners with regular cleaning, attentive maintenance, and the right protection. makes all three of these easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable.

A recliner slipcover will protect against everyday wear and tear as well as prevent damage from spills and other mishaps. Best of all, a collection of slipcovers allows you to easily change up the look of a beloved furniture piece. It’s like owning an entire set of recliners, one for every special occasion or event. Find a recliner cover that suits your design goals or simply browse the extensive collection and get inspired for a new project: is your decorating destination.

slipcoverAs experts in the field, we at have slipcovers available in a dazzling variety of possible styles. We stock a complete selection of prints, patterns, and colors, but beyond these customized elements, we also have a wealth of possible designs. Among the most popular are skirted slipcovers, best suited for use in more elegant and sophisticated settings. With an air of classical style, these slipcovers can transform any furniture piece into an icon for a more refined setting. Formal dinners, special occasions, and more can be memorable and enjoyable with the right accessories. Pictured here is another example of how the right furniture covers can contribute to an elegant setting. From skirted options that add additional visual appeal to sturdy and protective covers that can keep high-quality furniture in good condition, carries something for every plan and budget.

Our designers work hard to create the most attractive and affordable furniture slipcovers available online, to share the famous products from our acclaimed showroom with a wider audience of design enthusiasts as well as professionals. We’re eager to address decor questions and supply the community. If you want to transform a space into a more elegant and formal setting, accessories are your best asset: visit us today to find out more.

papasan coverDecorating projects don’t always rely on standard, traditional furniture frames to accommodate guests or display accessories. Some rooms include sofas, chairs, and other furniture with unique profiles and unusual construction. These pieces also tend to be among the most beloved and valuable in a given room: defined by their creative shapes and sizes, they can create a compelling aesthetic all on their own. That’s why it’s especially important to protect this style of furniture, even though many decorating enthusiasts find it a challenge. Accessories like slipcovers, designed to help maintain furniture in good condition, aren’t always made with in-between furniture in mind.

At, our experts don’t just create solutions for unique furniture: they specialize in it. We carry an amazing variety of slipcovers made to fit easily and securely onto almost any type of sofa, cushion, or chair. This helps decorators and furniture owners keep their furniture free from wear and tear. Unique furniture should have extra protection to keep distinguishing features and unusual profiles in top condition. With slipcovers, decorators can ensure their furniture maintains its unique appeal. Innovative and creative enthusiasts can even highlight different aspects of unusual furniture by choosing a collection of styles and colors. is the only site you’ll need for this type of project — visit today!

fabricsPurchasing ready-made slipcovers from top designers is one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordable ways to introduce new styles and colors into your home. When you use a ready-made slipcover from in your decorating, you can change up the look of any room in just a few simple steps, even when working with older furniture. Of course, not every project calls for a pre-made slipcover, even one produced to exacting quality standards by the most talented names in the business. Some projects demand a personal touch and reward dedicated DIY efforts: for these creative endeavors, fabric by the yard is a smart purchase. Whether you need exactly the right ready-made slipcover for an interior decorating facelift or the fabric to make an entirely original project possible in your home, is your shopping destination.

The high-quality fabric for sale through is available in a wide variety of patterns, allowing each designer to choose the most suitable option for any room. Affordable and convenient, the fabric is designed to complement almost any furniture setup. Our site even features a helpful DIY Info & Yardage Estimator to ensure an optimal purchase every time. We’re dedicated to having what you need: visit us today!

slipcoversOne of the first considerations any decorator makes when working with a new space is color. Colors affect every aspect of how a room feels. Every color is encoded with emotional signposts that guide the thoughts of those who spend time in a colorful room. Designers who are aware of the secret language of colors can make enduring and innovative statements just by carefully selecting a color scheme. When decorators choose colors for furniture or walls, they’re often locked into those choices for long stretches of time. If tastes change or a room’s purpose is revised, a static color can be an investment that offers limited returns — yet color is a primary element of all home decorating. What’s a designer to do? The key is in home fabrics that are durable, easy to maintain and a snap to change up on the fly: furniture slipcovers.

Slipcovers have always been a go-to product for home decorators: they protect furniture from everyday damage and ensure that beloved items always look their best. One of the benefits that isn’t immediately obvious is that furniture slipcovers allow a room to have a rotating palette of colors available at any one time. Even a collection of a few slipcovers goes a long way in making a room stand out. has a full line of exciting colors, from rich burgundy to bright