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All About

April 9th, 2014 | Posted by JoshH in Furniture | Slipcovers - (0 Comments)

custom slipcoversWe use our blog to discuss decorating ideas, solve design problems, and recommend products to our readers to make every home beautiful. We’re always excited to share the newest trend here or welcome comments from our readers and move conversations forward. Still, we want our readers to be informed about our business and get to know us as we share our knowledge and celebrate the best our industry has to offer. That’s why we’re taking some time to reintroduce ourselves to our longtime fans and make a great first impression on anyone just discovering our company.

Welcome! We’re, leading manufacturer and retailer of ready-made slipcovers and much more. All of our products are made right here in the USA and designed with a wide variety of specifications in mind. We have furniture covers to accommodate unique designs as well as eye-catching patterns to suit any decor. We back up our comprehensive inventory with standout customer service and regular shopping incentives like shipping deals and discounts. Our showroom is a major shopping destination and our site is a first stop for many professional designers as well as savvy homeowners. We’re always eager to hear from our audience: comment or get in touch with us to tell us what we can do to help.

When to Invest in Slipcovers

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custom slipcoversA slipcover is a great investment for any homeowner, decorator, or designer working with valuable furniture. There are many reasons to explore the benefits of slipcovers, but without years of experience in the industry, it can be tough to tell when a furniture needs a slipcover most of all. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy professional-level decorating in your home: you have’s team of insightful and creative designers to support you! As a reader of this blog and a visitor to our site, you can count on stellar customer service, key tips and strategies for decorating, and of course, the highest-quality ready-made slipcovers on the market, proudly made in the USA.

Furniture that’s especially valuable, such as antique or vintage furniture, can benefit greatly from a slipcover ready to go at the time of purchase. If your delicate furniture is going to see regular use, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected with a durable, washable slipcover. Other good candidates for ready-made slipcovers include furniture with distinctive colors or patterns: even the most attractive design might not be ideal for every occasion or season. A slipcover allows you to change up the look of your furniture whenever you want, on a conservative budget. Finally, if you own furniture that faces consistent stains and damage, such as from young children, a slipcover saves a tremendous amount of hassle as good habits develop. Find out more at our website:

A Guide to Furniture Slipcovers

March 27th, 2014 | Posted by JoshH in Fabric | Slipcovers - (0 Comments) is a leading name in the furniture and decorating industry, with a wide selection of ready-made products and a devoted community of fans. Our staff of expert designers provides amazing products for the home as well as key insight on every aspect of decorating here at the blog. We often cover more in-depth and specific items, but every so often we find it’s helpful to revisit the basics. As spring approaches and new decor arrives in our store, we’re looking at our most famous and bestselling products: furniture slipcovers. Versatile, durable, and easy to use, these covers have been the cornerstone of our business since our beginning and propelled us to our position at the forefront of the field. Here are the major types and specifications we use as a guideline when we design new ready-made slipcovers.

Furniture Slipcovers

The basic umbrella term for all of our products in this department, furniture slipcovers are designed to go over the frame of a furniture piece. They protect the furniture and add a cohesive overall look to any room that features them. Furniture slipcovers can be made to fit almost any type of furniture.’s products use innovative fasteners for a better fit and a cleaner look.

Wingback and Dining Chair Covers

Designed specifically to fit more unusual chair shapes, these covers are often essential in protecting delicate fabrics. They can also lend an air of elegance and formality for special events and are often used at weddings and other functions.

Futon Covers

A popular item, futon slipcovers protect futon mattresses from wear and tear. Futons provide great, affordable value to their owners: with the right slipcover, they can endure for many years in top condition.

Skirted Slipcovers

An eye-catching style choice, skirted slipcovers extend past the dimensions of the furniture to add a more sophisticated, classic look.

Many more slipcover styles, such as ottoman slipcovers and cushion covers, are also available in our online store. Stick with us here at the blog and we’ll go through each with insight from our team.

furniture slipcoversDesigning a room can be a challenge: the sheer variety of possibilities can make starting out seem daunting. At, we’re dedicated to equipping our visitors with everything they need to build the rooms of their dreams. Whether it’s information, furniture, or accessories, we can help, and our exemplary customer service connects us to every visitor we assist. One of the best things we recommend to newcomers is choosing a focal point for a room. A central focus will ground the rest of a room’s decor while serving as a flagship symbol for the overall theme. When a furniture piece serves as a focal point, it can communicate an entire theme on its own, with the rest of the room to support and complicate that theme.

There are, of course, some extra concerns that come along with spotlighting furniture as a focal point. When a single piece helps define a room, it’s important to make sure it’s protected and maintained. A furniture slipcover helps with both of these concerns and also allows for quick changes to the decor. With a collection of slipcovers, designers aren’t locked in to the setup their focal point suggests. To learn more about design and decor, visit us at

furniture slipcoversEveryone has a favorite color, but for some designers, a single color stands apart from all the rest. Beyond simply playing favorites, these decorators want to feature their chosen color above all others. For these designers, a monochrome color scheme is an excellent choice. Monochromatic decor incorporates a single color, tying the room together with an obvious theme. Coordinating a great monochrome space is a little more tricky than it sounds, but with the right mindset and some expert knowledge, anyone can put together a room that celebrates the color they like best.

While they use only one color, monochrome rooms can incorporate a wide variety of shades and hues to add variety. Designers can also make use of sharp contrast by using white and black elements in design, both of which complement a single color well. Textures and patterns can also vary up an otherwise static look, introducing subtle variations on the overarching theme. One of the best ways to integrate new elements into an existing monochrome plan is to use furniture slipcovers. These accessories can transform familiar furniture pieces into symbols of the aesthetic and swap out easily to keep the room fresh while preserving its color identity. Visit to start browsing and live your color dream!

Slipcovers for Loveseats

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loveseat slipcoverA loveseat is a versatile type of furniture, especially here in the city, where space is often limited. Providing residents with all the comfort of a larger couch in a compact size, a loveseat can be the center of attention or support a more overarching decorating plan. Investing in a loveseat can improve the look of any living room, but everyday wear and tear can take a significant toll on even the most durable furniture. In addition, home fashion is a constantly changing field, with new styles rising to prominence as each season passes. How can homeowners maintain their furniture and keep up with the newest trends at the same time? The key is ready-made slipcovers for loveseats, a specialty of industry leader Slipcover Shop.

From high-quality suede to elegant, sophisticated damask, slipcovers for loveseats can be made from an exciting variety of fabrics. Slipcover Shop’s ready-made options all use patented Clip-On fasteners that ensure a better fit as well as a cleaner appearance. With a full spectrum of color choices available and some of the most affordable prices on the web, these slipcovers offer a rewarding experience in any home. If you own a loveseat, make sure it’s at its best throughout the year: visit Slipcover Shop today to get started.

swatchesSlipcovers are the flagship product in our online superstore, and it’s easy to see why: Durable, versatile, and affordable, slipcovers offer homeowners a chance to completely change their decor without investing in a whole new set of furniture. Over the years, we’ve built up an amazing selection of slipcover styles through consistent updates and additions to our lineup. Our devoted fans appreciate this diversity, but newcomers sometimes want to get a sense of the available options before making a purchase. That’s why we offer free swatches to SlipcoverShop visitors. By ordering these previews of popular styles, customers can get a great idea of how a new slipcover can transform their furniture.

When you receive your swatches, test them against the color of your room and its most prominent decor to see whether your color scheme is cohesive and attractive. If you fall in love at first sight, it’s easy to get back in touch with the expert staff at SlipcoverShop to order slipcovers for your favorite furniture items. Ready-made slipcovers are our specialty, and we’ve helped thousands of homeowners update their furniture with our high-quality products. We’re always welcoming new fans into our home decorating and design community: stop in today to get started.

pet bed coverWinter is in full swing, and with harsh weather (polar vortex!) upon us, it’s important to make sure everyone’s cozy. Don’t forget about your furry friends when you’re planning for winter — your pets appreciate a nice place to curl up just like you do. Of course, they can’t always share your comfy spots: shedding and destructive behavior can make a mess of beloved furniture. That’s where a pet bed cover can come in! Like a slipcover, a pet bed cover is designed both to look great and to prevent damage to your existing decor. You can order a cushion cover or a pet bed protector for your home or car, in case you often travel with your pet.

Made from quilted polyester suede, a bed protector offers the same lush feeling as the natural fabric, but presents an alternative that is much easier to clean and maintain. It’s the best of both worlds: hardy enough to stand up to regular use, but comfortable and pet-friendly. We recommend this product for anyone with a puppy in training or an older pet, but we find a lot of our customers have other great reasons to pick one up. Browse today and discover yours!

Creating Symmetry in Your Decor

December 31st, 2013 | Posted by JoshH in Furniture - (0 Comments)

kitchen decorWhen you start decorating, it is important to have a strategy in mind—so you don’t wind up accidentally creating chaos. One of the best ways to do this is to create symmetry in the room—or at least the illusion of such. Consider these tips for creating symmetry in your decorating scheme and develop a plan for your home.

  • Use Pairs – Need a table lamp or want to add a small statue to the room? Pick up two instead of one. Pairing items makes for a more polished look.
  • Work on the Wall – While the room may not be fully symmetrical, make each wall symmetrical in its own right. That way you can have visual interest through the room but still leave a symmetrical feeling.
  • Don’t Forget the Seating – Using matching slipcovers (such as one of the options at Slipcover Shop) on your sofa and chairs can add balance to a room that is otherwise lacking.
  • Extend Your Space – Using mirrors in a balanced fashion can make your space appear larger and still emphasize the symmetrical feel.
  • Use Color – A splash of color on one side of the room should be counterbalanced by the same on the other end. Even if you use different items or shapes, color can still offer symmetry.

As you can see, achieving symmetry does not have to be that difficult. Don’t be afraid to try something new—just make sure you work in a way that doesn’t leave your room looking off balance.

modern dining roomWhether it’s formal or kid-friendly, the dining room plays a prominent role in most homes. It’s where delicious meals are savored, families rehash the day’s events and company is entertained. Before decorating this well-used room, homeowners should consider this checklist.

1. What is the Room’s Purpose?

A formal dining room acquires that look and feel from luxurious curtains, fine artwork and beautiful chair coverings from Slipcover Shop. Its design will be very different from a kid-friendly dining room that requires easy-to-clean flooring, walls, table and chairs.

2. How Big is the Room?

The six-foot table found at an estate sale may appear stunning, but it won’t fit in a small dining room. Measuring the dining room’s walls and floor space before buying furniture and decorations saves time, money and aggravation.

3. What are the Homeowners’ Personal Preferences?

A homeowner who loves dining by candlelight will want to incorporate a dimmer switch into the dining room lighting. Meanwhile, entertaining homeowners need to install a bar and plenty of seating in their dining room. These personal preferences dictate everything from the type and amount of furniture to the lighting and decor items used to decorate this room.

Gathering in the dining room can be the highlight of a day. With this checklist, homeowners ensure their dining space fits their needs and preferences while being functional and attractive.