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Sloppy Guests? Get A Sofa Cover

December 8th, 2011 | Posted by TimD in Furniture | Slipcovers | Stains

We all have those friends and family members. They are forever welcome into our homes and hearts. They deserve all of our affection and appreciation for their endless loyalty and joyful spirit. They are generous people who are always willing to lend a hand or an ear. But maybe, just maybe, they should avoid the good furniture.

Sometimes, even our closest friends can lack a certain grace when enjoying, say, a glass of wine on our favorite sofa or love seat. Of course, you can not pen these people off in the bathroom or the kitchen where surfaces and “furniture” can be easily wiped down or flushed. These are wonderful people who deserve the comfort of the best seat in the house whether they know how to sit down without spilling something or not.

Luckily with a well placed and pleasant to look at sofa cover or recliner cover, you can let them sit where they want without fear for your furniture’s safety. A stained sofa can become quite the eyesore, standing out in the middle of the living room like a glaring error in your judgement. For your own sanity and the comfort of close friends, a sofa cover is a really fantastic investment.

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