Having an Organized Site

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Making sure that the content is organized on your site is very important to the user friendliness of the website.

If you keep the site organized, then that will keep the users coming back. One thing that can drive users away is a site that is so sloppy that it is hard to make out what is what. Anything can make the site seem very sloppy. One of the issues with a sloppy site is a wall of text. If the site has a big wall of text with no breaks into paragraphs then that can cause people to run away from the site.

Break the content up into paragraphs and also make sure that the links within the site are organized so that the user will know where he is going.

One thing that is very helpful is a sitemap. If the user has access to a site map, then he will know where he can go for different pieces of content that he would want. Even with some of the most organized sites, a site map could be very useful.

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